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The environment is elegant and minimalist, with a warm light… and in the heart of Rome. We are expecting you for lunch, dinner or just for an aperitif after work.


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Come to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, which is special in every detail and immersed in the 22nd district of Rome. The cooking is modern, but respects traditions.



My favorite restaurant atmosphere has always been the atmosphere of the good, plain, American lunchroom or even the good plain American lunchcounter. The old-style Schrafft’s and the old-style Chock Full O’ Nuts are absolutely the only things in the world that I’m truly nostalgic for. The days were carefree in the 1940s and 1950s when I could go into a Chocks for my cream cheese sandwich with nuts on date-nut bread and not worry about a thing. No matter what changes or how fast, the one thing we all always need is real good food so we can know what the changes are and how fast they’re coming. Progress is very important and exciting in everything except food. When you say you want an orange, you don’t want someone asking you, “An orange what?”...



ROMA Via Sardegna 38/D Tel 06 42824893

ROMA Via Tacito 29 Tel 06 3235398


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